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Friday Dinner

As I've previously stated, my cousin is a Vegan, and since we live together her food values tend to rub off on me sometimes. So, in an effort to cook as a family, my Grandpa Paul has decided to help us cook any vegetarian or vegan meals we want, as long as we provide him with a recipe. So, on tonight's menu, we have a Mushroom risotto and vegetable skewers. Mmmm...    This is Paul, asking me, "How'd you miss that soup in the fridge? You never miss anything in the fridge!" And the process begins... I would've taken a picture of the finished project, but I was too hungry to even do that. It was delicious! =) As you can see, Paul had to add some meat in there somewhere (chicken sausages and fillets on the kabobs). I'm grateful for having the opportunity to live with my family again and have delicious Paul-cooked meals. Who knows how long life will be like this before things change again... I'm trying to be cognizant o

The Happiness Advantage

This is an awesome video about how to change our thinking to not only become happier, but to be more successful. What else can you ask for in life? I want to train my brain! All I have to do is practice these five things for 21 days straight. No doubt this is harder than it seems. Exercising for 21 days straight is a challenge! But, in an effort to improve my life, I feel that nothing is too big of a challenge. Most of these tasks are simple and will only take a few moments. Look, I'm accomplishing one right now by journaling about this positive experience I've had today by discovering this video.... 1. Writing three new things that I am grateful for each day. 3. Journaling about one positive experience in order to re-live it. 3. Exercise. 4. Meditation, to better focus. 5. Random acts of kindness.