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Growing up is overrated.

My dad flying his kite. He will never grow up...

Friday Morning Yoga

This morning I stepped into my Friday morning yoga class, again feeling "unprepared" for what I had coming up in the next month. September would start the beginning of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and I was feeling nowhere near the level I needed to be at to start "teaching" any yoga. See, a couple months ago, I took a trip to New Orleans to visit my dear friend Lexi. While I was there, we took a free community yoga class, and about halfway through the class I thought to myself (for about the 100th time in the past four or so years), "I need to become a yoga instructor." I think there was something about traveling, being in a new place, and being around Lexi that really made me throw my practicality out the window and realize I should really take the leap and do it--- JUST because I really wanted to. I've always been the practical type- go to school, get a good job, work and save my money to eventually buy myself that freedom to do whatever I w