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Craving learning and connection

I have a renewed sense of energy around my yoga practice, and I am eager for learning. I find myself searching the internet for the right kind of content I need to consume. I am looking for books and inspiration, and I want to learn things from anatomy to philosophy to peoples' personal experiences. I find myself gravitating towards some familiar names, like Jason Crandell, who has a great blog and whose wife has an excellent podcast. But I find myself searching for more. I want to read and listen to something compelling, something I can attune to daily for inspiration to motivate me to get on the mat and learn something new. How can I get this information on the daily? I crave blogs, information, podcasts, and an easy way to find workshops in my area. I find it surprising that I haven't found any new moon / full moon / women's' gatherings in my area. I'm disappointed to find that I need to travel all the way to San Francisco to find the connection, gathering, and e