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Finding purpose

 I finished. The book I was reading and the task was to find out what would be the ideal passion project. Take a look at the things that (1) I’m skilled, (2) people have a need for, and (3) I am passionate about. The intersection of all three of these areas will lead to my purpose. So I’m going to brainstorm: 1. I am skilled at organizing (data, information, thoughts) and making sense of it for others to understand. 2. People have infinite needs! 3. I am passionate about health and wellness, yoga and meditation, reading and learning. Teaching others and connecting. Adventuring and exploring new places, spending time with friends.  Now how can I tie all three of these areas together in a meaningful way to find a passion project that will help others?

A Year of Writing

 I came across a course entitled "A Year of Writing to Uncover Your Authentic Self." I decided to give it a try -- it's a program that sends a writing prompt every week for a year. I figured it was time to start writing digitally again. I've been on a journey to declutter recently, and I want to move away from the paper journals. Maybe digital isn't a better option -- I find that reading through all of my old journals tend to bring up weird feelings. I write a lot when I'm upset or stressed, so a lot of my writing isn't fun to re-read. But, I figure it will be cathartic in the meantime. It always helps me to get my feelings out on paper. I like to write, and I do know there is something to be said about handwriting things down, but I need to trim down my belongings. I'm tired of carrying so many things with me every time I move somewhere new. I want to become a true minimalist, but it's going to take some time and effort if I actually ever make it.