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A Year of Writing #2: Work

 This week's prompt is all about work. It always feels like such a heavy topic. There are so many ideals out there about finding your dream job, doing what you're passionate about, making lots of  money. So many ideas and emotions surround the topic. I have a deep need to find a sense of security. This is why I chose Business as a major, why I decided to pursue my MBA, why I gravitate towards larger Fortune 500 companies, because I knew these things would provide me with a sense of financial stability.  But, there's the other part of me that always wonders what my life would be like if I chose to pursue a career in a field that really interested me. What would that even look like?

Finding purpose

 I finished. The book I was reading and the task was to find out what would be the ideal passion project. Take a look at the things that (1) I’m skilled, (2) people have a need for, and (3) I am passionate about. The intersection of all three of these areas will lead to my purpose. So I’m going to brainstorm: 1. I am skilled at organizing (data, information, thoughts) and making sense of it for others to understand. 2. People have infinite needs! 3. I am passionate about health and wellness, yoga and meditation, reading and learning. Teaching others and connecting. Adventuring and exploring new places, spending time with friends.  Now how can I tie all three of these areas together in a meaningful way to find a passion project that will help others?

A Year of Writing

 I came across a course entitled "A Year of Writing to Uncover Your Authentic Self." I decided to give it a try -- it's a program that sends a writing prompt every week for a year. I figured it was time to start writing digitally again. I've been on a journey to declutter recently, and I want to move away from the paper journals. Maybe digital isn't a better option -- I find that reading through all of my old journals tend to bring up weird feelings. I write a lot when I'm upset or stressed, so a lot of my writing isn't fun to re-read. But, I figure it will be cathartic in the meantime. It always helps me to get my feelings out on paper. I like to write, and I do know there is something to be said about handwriting things down, but I need to trim down my belongings. I'm tired of carrying so many things with me every time I move somewhere new. I want to become a true minimalist, but it's going to take some time and effort if I actually ever make it.