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My First Recorded Flow

I love  watching yoga videos on Instagram. I decided it was time to create one for myself! I follow the_southern_yogi on Instagram, and she recently explained how she shoots pictures and videos of herself and her flows when no one else is around to help. I decided to try it. It was so much fun just feeling out the flow, watching myself on video, and then adding music. I felt like I had created something artistic, like all the videos I so enjoyed watching on others' accounts. A couple things I learned from this experiment: 1. I need to make yoga (either at home or in the studio) an absolute priority in my life. This means making time for it daily, even if it is only ten minutes on the mat. This consistency is needed in order to improve my practice and feel better about myself and life in general. 2. Creating a video and the thought of sharing it with others is scary. Social media brings a lot of positivity, but also a lot of judgment, criticism, and self-doubt. I don&#