"The other side of the cube..."

So, today at work I get to sit and visit with my fellow co-workers on the "other side of the cubicle." These guys get to sit together, in low-walled cubes, allowing them to have free-flowing conversation (unlike my cubicle that has high walls and forces me to sit with... me).

The topic of discussion started off with Bison... eating bison specifically. John, one of the CSEs here, explained that he went to his local, health-food supermarket called Sprouts, located in Sunnyvale, CA. Choosing from the various types of meat, he decided upon a lean cut of non hormone-treated Bison. He also explained that his fiance is adamant about choosing meat that is semi-humanely treated.... So, what does that mean?

It's been a question that's been on my mind for quite some time now as my Cousin, whom I live with, has recently become a Vegan. She brings to my attention various health and moral reasons for turning away from animal products, but the suggestions normally stay just that.... suggestions. But, I find myself constantly staring at my meat now... thinking.... what is this and where did it come from and what will it be doing to my body? Creating health for myself, or creating issues that can consciously be avoided? And that's the word that really needs to be taken into consideration... consciously.

Too often we go blindly through life, accepting what is the 'norm,' without really investigating for ourselves what's best for us. So, after putting this off for a few days now, I'm going to take the leap and watch the video that has me literally terrified to watch it. But, what's wrong with getting a clear picture of what meat production is really like and making an informed decision? I don't think it can hurt....

Btw, I am going to forewarn anyone that wants to watch this video. It's brutal, and anyone that's seen it will tell you it's painful to watch. It may even turn you into a Vegan.



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